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Women's Health Specialist

Southwest Urgent Care

Southwest Urgent Care

Internal Medicine & Urgent Care located in Chicago, Evergreen Park, IL & Oak Lawn, IL

Women from in and around Evergreen, Illinois have access to attentive and effective women’s health services including annual wellness exams at Southwest Urgent Care.

Women's Health Q&A

Why is an annual wellness exam important?

Annual exams are the best way to monitor and maintain your overall health and wellbeing. These visits allow you to build a trusted relationship with the provider With each visit, they get to know you and your health, enabling them to be aware of any changes. This combined with the convenient opportunity to have any recommended screenings such as pap smears, mammograms, or other tests, are the cornerstone of effective preventative healthcare. Your relationship and regular screenings allow any conditions to be caught and diagnosed in early stages, when treatment is easier and more effective.

What Happens During a Well Woman Exam?

As with any doctor’s visit, well woman exams usually begin with a conversation that covers the patient’s family history and current health. The doctor may also ask about any medical issues in the past year. While OB/GYNs are focused on the reproductive system during these exams, any recent medical issues may be relevant and should be mentioned during this time. The visit also includes a physical exam including a breast exam and a pap smear. Some of the specific tests and exams include:

  • physical exam
  • breast exam
  • pap smear and/or pelvic exam
  • update and review of medical history
  • update of work and life activities
  • update on medications, immunizations, and supplements
  • evaluation of required screening tests, like a cervical cancer screening

What Should I do to Prepare for the Exam?

Before your annual women’s health appointment, prepare to talk about your family and medical history, particularly, any changes that you have experienced since your last visit. Being aware what types of illness or disease runs in the family and what issues could be present helps the provider to diagnose conditions and determine if further testing is necessary. Some of the topics you and the doctor will discuss may include:

  • being more active
  • eating right
  • birth control selections
  • planning to get pregnant
  • safety and relationship concerns
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns

Southwest Urgent Care accepts most PPO plans. For any insurance/billing related questions, please contact our office.

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