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STD Testing Specialist

Southwest Urgent Care

Southwest Urgent Care

Internal Medicine & Urgent Care located in Chicago, Evergreen Park, IL & Oak Lawn, IL

At Southwest Urgent Care in Evergreen, Illinois, our staff provides screening for sexually transmitted diseases. We offer secure and private testing with the utmost professionalism to ensure patient confidentiality.

STD Testing Q&A

Should I Get an STD Test?

If you are sexually active you should contact our office to schedule STD testing. Even if you are using protection, there is the chance that you could be exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. For example, if you are using condoms for birth control and protection, you could still be at risk, as certain STDs may be able to bypass the barrier. There is always the chance that a sexually active individual could have an STD.

How Do I Get a Test for Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

The only way to get tested for a sexually transmitted disease is by going to a doctor. As a primary care physicians, our providers is trained in testing for STDs. They will need to complete a physical exam to look for any signs of infection. Next, a tissue swab of your vagina or any infected areas on your penis will be taken. A blood test is also used for STD testing. Even if you are going to our office for a gynecological exam or prostate exam, you may not be tested for STDs. You have to request a test for sexually transmitted diseases when you make an appointment to visit.

What Do I Do If I Have an STD?

If you are diagnosed with an STD when you get tested at our office, you will need to get it treated. Our staff can provide you with treatments for sexually transmitted diseases. Each disease has its own symptoms and treatment options. Therefore, your specific STD treatment will depend on your particular STD. Also, some STDs are not able to be cured, such as herpes or HIV. However, treatments are available for the relief of symptoms of most STDs. If you believe you have an STD, it is essential to seek treatment immediately. For most STDs, even those that can be treated successfully, long-term exposure can be deadly. For example, syphilis can be cured completely with a simple procedure, but if left untreated you could go blind and suffer from brain damage and even death.

Southwest Urgent Care accepts most PPO plans. For any insurance/billing related questions, please contact our office.

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